Markusoski, Ljupce and Aleksandra Jovanoska, AJ (2017) MODERN SYSTEMS FOR DECISION SUPPORT IN MACEDONIAN COMPANIES. INTERNATIONAL COFERENCE EDRINE. pp. 1042-1048. ISSN 978-605-67281-0-5

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The Decission Support Systems (DSS) give logistic support to the process of making decisions in the contemporary companies. DSS are complex computer programs which based on the input data from the database can predict the activities of the real system and some future circumstances.
DSS provides the management to test the system activities of the environment’s different changes and to test the environment’s reaction when different changes occur. Namely, DSS provides a very fast way to consider the effects of the made decisions.
All the methods that are used as a support in the process of decision making could be based on different ssimulation models, optimization techniques or heuristic algorithms. When solving practical problems, large application procedures are based on combination of optimization and heuristic procedures. With an adequate combination of optimization, heuristic and experiental procedures that desribe different segments of the real system for a very short time can emerge a separate satisfactory solution.
In this project will be implemented a method of objective collection, analyzes, and interpretation of the data, by which the research process gets a scientific character. This methodological approach has been used through the gathered information about the application of the modern DSS through systematic, empirical and analytical research of the previously shaped hypothesis. In order to research the condition in our country is used the method of the structure survey, by which we will get information about the implementation of DSS in the business entities in Macedonia.
As priority objectives that are established by this project are the following:
»Assessment and conclusion on the application of Decision Support Systems
»Indicating the benefits of implementation of the Decision Support Systems
»Providing strategic guidance under which the companies will develop in the implementation of the contemporary Decision Support Systems.
Keywords: decision making, support, business entities.

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