PAA as an alternative solution for control in tobacco seedlings

Kočoska, Karolina and Miceska, Gordana and Gveroska, Biljana (2016) PAA as an alternative solution for control in tobacco seedlings. In: XI–th Scientific Conference with International Participation "Ecology and Health", 9-10.06.2016, Plovdiv, Bugarija.

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Tobacco seedling is important stage in the technology of tobacco production. During this process, soil protection from diseases and weeds is a indispensable and regularly applied measure. It is necessary to pay great attention in the implementation of this measure in order to avoid contamination of soil and the environment.Soil and manure are good media for causing agents of various diseases and weeds that affect the normal growth and development of tobacco seedlings. Other, although rarely applied measure for soil disinfection, beside application of chemicals, is increase of temperature with fire, steam or electricity. Chemical products for protection include various compounds that are harmful to human health. One of the compounds that was used for a long period is methyl bromide – total pesticide and destroyer of the ozone layer, which was abolished in developed countries in 2005 and in developing countries in 2015. Chemical products must be changed regularly because weeds, diseases and insects develop a resistance to them over the years. In our research on protection of tobacco seedlings from weeds, peracetic acid (PPA) was applied as an alternative solution for disinfection of soil and seed material. The trial was set up in six variants with five replications and we expect that the results of investigation will provoke interest for further investigation.

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