Investigations of the variability of quantitative characters of oriental basmac tobacco

Kočoska, Karolina and Risteski, Ilija (2014) Investigations of the variability of quantitative characters of oriental basmac tobacco. In: 5th International Scientific Agricultural Symposium “Agrosym 2014”, 23-26 October 2014, Jahorina mountain (Bosnia).

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Three-year comparative investigations (2009, 2010 and 2011) were carried out on the Experimental field of Scientific Tobacco Institute - Prilep with the following oriental tobacco varieties: YK -7-4/2 (control variety), MK-1, MB-2 and MB-3. The experimental design was randomized block system with five replications with transplantation spacing of 45×12 cm. Standard agrotechnics was applied in seedling and tobacco growing on the investigated varieties’ field. The aim of investigations was to estimate the variability of morphological characters of tobacco varieties using the basic statistical parameters:standard deviations, degree of variability and LSD test. Basmak varieties, compared to the control variety, showed a very low variability of the investigated morphological characters, which indicates that basmak varieties are characterized by high level of uniformity and they are typical oriental varieties. The results of investigations led to the following conclusions:
MK-1 and MB-2 are Basmak varieties with relatively short growing season of 59 and 61 days, respectively, after tobacco planting in the field, while the variety MB-3 blooms after 77 days. The investigated varieties are characterized by medium plant height and by leaf number ranging from 26 in the control to 35 in MB-3. The short growing season of the basmak tobacco variety lets the grower harvest and dry tobacco in time which will lead to a higher quality raw tobacco material with a higher price.We hope that these high quality characters of the basmak varieties will encourage growers, as well as tobacco factories, manufacturers and tobacco dealers.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Tobacco, variability, standard deviation, degree of variability.
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