The impact of Strobilurin fungicides in prevention of damping off disease on tobacco seedlings

Tashkoski, Petre and Krsteska, Vesna and Mitreski, Milan and Stojanoski, P. (2016) The impact of Strobilurin fungicides in prevention of damping off disease on tobacco seedlings. In: 2 nd International Symposium for Agriculture and Food, Skopje, Macedonia.

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Damping off disease, caused by soil pathogens Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium debaryanum, is very frequent in tobacco seedbeds. Various fungicides are applied to prevent the spread of infection in seedlings. In our research, tests were made with strobilurin fungicides in order to estimate their effectiveness in control of the disease causing agents. The tests were carried out during the 2014 in the biological laboratory of the Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep. Seedlings of the variety NS72 were sown in 0.3 m2 plastic trays. Before sowing, inoculum prepared from culture of the pathogenic fungi
grown on nutrient media PDA was added to the soil. The test was performed with following fungicides: Signum 0.1% (boscalid 267 g/kg + pyraclostrobin 67 g/kg), Quadris 25SC 0.075% (azoxystrobin 250 g/l) and Stroby WG 0.02% (kresoxim-methyl 500g/kg). The check variant was consisted of untreated plants. Two watering‟s were applied on seedlings with fungicide suspensions (1 L/m2). The first watering was applied prior to rapid growth stage and the second one 15 days after. The coefficient of fungicide effectiveness was calculated by applying Abbott‟s formula. In the seedlings treated with fungicides no signs of disease were observed, while in the check variant the infection rate was 90-100%. Although grown in artificially inoculated soil with the culture of pathogenic fungi, the seedlings treated with fungicides were healthy and in good condition. Because of the high effect achieved with the chemicals, they can find wider practical application in protection of tobacco seedlings from the above soil pathogens and in production of healthy and high quality planting material.

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