Ephestia elutella Hüb. on tobacco

Krsteska, Vesna (2014) Ephestia elutella Hüb. on tobacco. Tobacco, 64 (1-6). pp. 70-77. ISSN 0494-3244

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Ephestia elutella Hüb. is one of the economically most important warehouse moths in the world.
Investigations were carried out during 2011-2013 with Prilep and Yaka tobacco from the 2010 crop. Biological and other investigations of E. elutella were performed in laboratory conditions, using a standard methodology.
Imagos are small butterflies, with bodies and wings covered with tiny scales. During our investigations their color varied from light grey brown to dark gray brown. They were 6 to 9 mm long, with a 10-13 mm wingspan.
Eggs are elliptical and less than 1 mm long. During laying they are off-white in color and later, prior to hatching, they turn darker.
After hatching, the larvae are also off-white and as they grow older the caterpillars turn brown. The body of the caterpillar is covered with sparse hairs. The length of the adult larva in our investigation was 8 – 9 mm.
Tobacco moth causes damage to tobacco in larval stage. Larvae feed greedily on dry leaf tissue, skeletizing the leaf, and in case of stronger attack only the main nerve remains.
Caterpillars also cause indirect damage. They wrap the leaves with silky threads and inside the leaf they leave black grainy excrements and remains from molting and metamorphosis.
Larval stage lasts from 30 to 35 days and during this long period it causes significant damage.
The pupa is covered, mummy-formed pupa (pupa obtecta), about 7-8 mm in length, light brown in the beginning and prior to eclosion the butterfly turns darker, almost black.
The pupal stage lasts 6 – 7 days.
Direct and indirect damages caused by caterpillars strongly affect the tobacco value and make it unsuitable for further fabrication and export.

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