Lasioderma serricorne F. - pest of tobacco and tobacco products

Krsteska, Vesna and Stojanoski, P. (2013) Lasioderma serricorne F. - pest of tobacco and tobacco products. Tobacco, 63 (7-12). pp. 27-36. ISSN 0494-3244

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Cigarette beetle Lasioderma serricorne F. is a well known pest of dried tobacco and tobacco products (cigarettes and cigars).
It can be found in warehouses for tobacco manipulation and fermentation and also in some purchase checkpoints where dried tobacco is stored.
Investigations carried out in 2011-2013 in laboratory conditions included tobacco types Prilep and Yaka from 2010 crop.
Standard methodology was applied during investigation.
Adults of this pest are reddish brown and their body is covered with fine and tiny ash grey hairs. The adults have an elongated oval body, approximately 2.5 mm long.
The egg is oval, milky white, less than 1 mm, and because of its small size it is hard to be determined in tobacco bales, especially in cut tobacco.
In our investigation, larvae are 4 mm long, dirty white in color and with numerous yellow brown hairs, densely distributed throughout their bodies. Insect droppings, tobacco dust and other debris adhere to their surface.
In laboratory conditions larval development lasts 20 to 40 days and in that time, feeding on tobacco, it makes serious economic damage.
The pupa is about 3 mm long. It is whitish in the beginning, but immediately after pupation its color is like that of the adult insect (reddish brown). Pupal stage lasts 7 to 9 days.
L. serricorne attacks dried tobacco and cut tobacco in warehouses, causing damage and contamination with its feces and remains of molting and metamorphosis. Initially it damages tobacco making small holes in it. In later development larvae bite larger parts of dried leaves and pile them one upon another.
If tobacco raw material attacked by cigarette beetle is stored for a longer period without any protection, only dust and debris will be seen when it is opened.
Larvae eat the wrapping paper of cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, making round openings. It feeds on their content and contaminates it with feces, cast skin and remains of metamorphosis, making it unpleasanat in smoking.

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