Tobacco stalks as renewable raw material for agro-industrial utilization

Srbinoska, Marija and Filiposki, K. and Risteski, Ilija and Pelivanoska, Valentina and Rafajlovska, V. and Krsteska, Vesna (2012) Tobacco stalks as renewable raw material for agro-industrial utilization. In: Proceedings of International symposium on agriculture and food, Skopje, Macedonia.

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Tobacco stalks as agricultural waste are renewable raw material that can be converted into useful products and energy. It is noteworthy that, at 40 % moisture content, about 5 tons of tobacco stalks per hectare and year are produced only in six months duration. The objective of this study was to determine the morphological properties and chemical composition of stalks of Burley tobacco, variety B 98/N (cellulose, Klason lignin and acid soluble lignin, ash, total nitrogen and dry matter) and to evaluate its suitability for agro-industrial utilization. After harvesting of the leaves, part of the stalks were collected and air-dried in greenhouse and the rest were left to dry in field, under atmospheric conditions. The stalks were analyzed according to ASTM standard methods for the determination of moisture, ash, and lignin. The Kurshner-Hoffer method was used for determination of cellulose. The average values of length, diameter, and weight of dried tobacco stalks were determined as 170 cm, 8.5 cm, and 210 g, respectively. Content of cellulose was found to be 38.5 % in air-dried stalks and 36.4 % in field dried stalks. Contents of total lignin, Klason lignin and acid soluble lignin in air-dried stalks were 22.5 %, 20.7 % and 1.80 %, respectively. The results indicate that cellulose and lignin content in air-dried stalks are slightly higher, compared to those dried in field. It was found that 30 % of the nitrogen, 18 % of the ash, and 35 % of the organic matter may be lost from tobacco stalks if they are dried in field.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: tobacco, stalks, cellulose, lignin, utilization.
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