Necessary hygienic-technical measures in the postharvest treatment of tobacco

Zdraveska, Natasha and Krsteska, Vesna (2012) Necessary hygienic-technical measures in the postharvest treatment of tobacco. Journal of hygienic engineering and design, 1. pp. 289-292.

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Hygienic-technical measures applied during the postharvest treatment of tobacco are necessary for obtaining a good quality product. Proper storage of tobacco improves its quality characteristics and enables optimum reduction of dry matters.
Cured tobacco leaves packed in bales must be stored in clean and dry rooms, isolated from the external effects, with adequate aeration. It is recommended to disinfect the rooms prior to tobacco storage. Due to its ability to absorb different odors, tobacco should not be stored in stables, moist basements, open ceilings and balconies. Tobacco is hygroscopic plant and therefore, during storage, it is necessary to have continuous control of its humidity, in order to prevent the occurrence of microbiological processes - molds.
Tobacco can be also kept in wooden boxes (istiva) held in canopies or even in the yards. This form of storage has advantages over traditional forms, because the supply of oxygen is limited and the effect of environmental factors is reduced to a minimum.
Treated tobacco packed in yarma-bales must be stored in dry and cold rooms, with regular controls of tobacco humidity and adequate aeration in order to prevent the appearance of mold.

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