Indispensable hygienic-technical measures in tobacco protection from storage pests

Krsteska, Vesna and Zdraveska, Natasha and Stojanoski, P. (2012) Indispensable hygienic-technical measures in tobacco protection from storage pests. Journal of hygienic engineering and design, 1. pp. 284-288.

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Tobacco in warehouses can be attacked by tobacco moth Ephestia elutella and cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne. These pests cause extensive damages and have a significant economic importance on tobacco quality.
Larvae of E. elutella feed on dry leaf tissues and only leaf veins remain after stronger attacks. The pest occurs more frequently on the surface of tobacco bale, not penetrating deeper.
L. serricorne attacks tobacco leaves and tobacco products - cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco etc. It makes round holes on cigarettes and cigars and feeds on their contents, which makes them unsuitable for use. Its attack is especially strong on finest and most aromatic tobaccos.
The most important preventive measure in the control of storage pests is to keep the warehouse clean. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the warehouse when it is still empty, before tobacco is placed in it.
Disinsection of empty warehouses is carried out by cleaning of floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, doors and windows with lime wash and petroleum ether emulsion.
Good results in disinsection of empty warehouses are obtained with Actellic or with Phostoxin fumigation.
After tobacco is stored in warehouses, disinsection of tobacco bales or cigarettes is carried out with Phostoxin.
Phostoxin fumigation must be performed by trained and authorized persons, in strictly controlled conditions. Fumigation shall be done in hermetically sealed objects at controlled temperature, with proper application of all hygienic-technical measures.

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