Quantification of the Managerial Stress

Gligorovski, Violeta and Mancheski, Gjorgji and Angeleski, Marjan (2018) Quantification of the Managerial Stress. UIKTEN - Association TEM Journal.

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In order to be competitive on the market, company’s managers permanently monitor and implement changes in companies, whether they are caused by internal or external factors. The purpose of this paper is to explain managerial stress caused by implementation of changes and to quantify that stress. Usually the implementation of each change causes stress among the employees, and the stress from the individual level slowly spreads to a collective level, that is to say, organizational level, and all the way to the managers. How much the manager will successfully lead the project for implementation of a change and how much they will manage to amortize the stress among the employees, mostly depends on their expertise, knowledge and skills to accurately and comprehensively inform and integrate the employees in the overall process. Methodology. For this purpose, a descriptive analysis of the data was conducted regarding the qualitative responses. In addition to the descriptive statistics, for the examination of this issue, factor analysis of the results in SPSS was conducted. The factor analysis is one of the methods of multidimensional analysis whose main task is to reduce the variables and explain their interconnectedness.

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