Investigations on insecticidal effect of cuticular extracts from oriental tobacco

Srbinoska, Marija and Simonovska, B. and Krsteska, Vesna (2005) Investigations on insecticidal effect of cuticular extracts from oriental tobacco. In: I st Congress of Plant Protection “Environmental concern and food safety”.

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The aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) has a serious impact on a large number of crops, particularly on tobacco, one of the most important crops in the Republic of Macedonia. M. persicae population is mostly managed with synthetic insecticides and it becomes resistant to many of them. The efficacy of natural and synthetic sucrose esters as contact insecticide against various pests, combined with its low toxicity to beneficial insects in the ecosystems, suggested that it may be a valuable material for incorporation into Integrate pest management programs for tobacco and other crops.
We obtained a natural sucrose ester mixture in the concentrated form from the surface of green leaves of commercial Nicotiana tabacum type (oriental tobacco cultivar P-23). We examined the surface exudates produced by technologically mature leaves of oriental tobacco cultivar P-23 grown at the Tobacco Institute in Prilep. Sucrose esters were the major compounds in the extracts and they have been shown to have contacts toxicity with rapid knock-down ability to soft-bodies arthropods including aphids, mites, whitefly and psyllids.
Our study examines the influence of varying the sugar esters concentration in water solution on the insecticidal activity against Myzus persicae (Sulzer) on tobacco. The efficacy of these compounds was compared with insecticide Confidor SL 200, Bayer, Germany (a.i. imidacloprid).
Cuticular extracts I showed 91.60% mortality, the more concentrated cuticular extract II 95.72%, the standard insecticide 99.40%, and the control 10.43% mortality.

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