Aphidophagous hoverflies (Syrphidae, Diptera) on tobacco

Krsteska, Vesna and Ancev, E. and Postolovski, M. (2005) Aphidophagous hoverflies (Syrphidae, Diptera) on tobacco. In: Јубилејна научна конференција с международно участие “60 год ИТТИ”- Пловдив, Plovid, Bulgaria.

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Aphidophags of the Syrphidae family are efficient enemies of Myzus persicae Sulz. on tobacco and they are considered as a significant component in biological control of this pests.
In our investigations of the order Diptera, family Syrphidae, subfamily Syrphinae, tribe Syrphini the following species were identified: Scaeva (Lasiopticus) pyrastri Linnaeus, 1758; Episyrphus balteatus De Geer, 1776; Metasyrphus corollae Fabricius, 1794; Sphaerophoria scripta Linnaeus, 1758; Sphaerophoria rueppelli Wiedemann, 1830 and Paragus quadrifasciatus Meigen, 1822.
Three-year investigations by checking all 20 tobacco plants were carried out in decades, from the beginning of June to the end of September. 600 tobacco stalks with a total of 18192 leaves were checked. 220765 individuals of leaf aphids were counted. Population of species of the Syrphidae family was 994 eggs, 2446 larvae, 1831 pupae and 28 adults.
In predator complex, hoverflies were represented with 40.88% in 1996, 14.80% in 1997 and 35.52% in 1998, which is 25.32% during the period of investigation.
The most important characteristic of species of Syrphidae family is that they appear in spring, much earlier in biocenosis than other groups of enthomophags. They are extremely mobile; they migrate and remain in the colonies of leaf aphids up to their complete elimination.

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