Species of Syrphidae (Diptera) family - predators on Myzus persicae Sulz. on tobacco

Krsteska, Vesna and Ancev, E. and Postolovski, M. (2003) Species of Syrphidae (Diptera) family - predators on Myzus persicae Sulz. on tobacco. Tobacco, 53 (5-6). pp. 167-174.

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Aphidophagous species of the Syrphidae family have a great importance in biocenosis as bioregulators of aphids.
In our investigations, the qualitative composition was determined of the Syrphidae family, represented by the species: Scaeva (Lasiopticus) pyrastri Linnaeus, Episyrphus balteatus De Geer, Metasyrphus corollae Fabricius, Sphaerophoria scripta Linnaeus, Sphaerophoria rueppelli Wiedemann, Paragus quadrifasciatus Meigen. The most numerous among them were Sphaerophoria scripta, Episyrphus balteatus and Scaeva pyrastri.
The hoverflies played an important role as predators of tobacco aphids. The main characteristic of the fauna of Syrphidae family is that it completely follows the aphid development in all years of investigation. Hoverflies appear on tobacco leaves as soon as the initial colonies of aphids emerge, most frequently in the beginning of July. The maximum development of their population is recorded in August. By decreasing the number of aphids, the population of hoverflies is also reduced.

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