Janeska, Margarita and Zdraveski, Dejan and Mancheski, Gjorgji and Sotiroski, Kosta (2017) PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF AUTONOMIC COMPUTING SYSTEMS. In: 22th International Scientific Conference Strategic Management and Decision Support Systems in Strategic Management, 19, Subotica, R. Srbija.

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Autonomic computing systems is a new paradigm and they are characterized with the self-management properties. Autonomic computing systems are emerging as a significant new strategic comprehensive type of information systems, aimed at the design of complex distributed computing systems. Their work was inspired by the functioning of the human nervous system and is intended for designing and building self-management systems. These systems are continually evaluated in terms of their optimization and automatically adjust to changing conditions. Meeting these challenges, autonomic computing systems requires scientific and technological achievements in various fields, also new architectures that will support the effective integration of technologies used in these systems. For the realization of self-activity in the autonomic computing systems is required to provide appropriate systems, technologies and services. In recent decades is characteristic extended parallel and distributed computing that support network environment. The technologies of autonomic computing systems can integrate with existing programming systems, in order to realize self-management applications. The aim of this paper will be to define systems, technologies and services that are necessary for realization of the basic concepts and functions in autonomic computing systems and applications. It also would include the implementation of these systems, in terms of techniques of autonomic computing system that can be used with dynamically allocated servers to provide maximum functional usefulness. Also, will be presented system with self-managed properties that will be capable for reallocation of servers in case when there are changes in overload or when an error occurs on the server. The end of the paper will be presented performance evaluation and metrics of the autonomic computing systems. Namely, it is necessary to determine the indicators through wich will evaluate the performance and effectiveness of autonomic computing system.

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