Analyzing Consumer Spending Behavior Using Graph Databases

Hristoski, Ilija and Spaseska, Tatjana and Odzaklieska, Dragica and Dimovski, Tome (2019) Analyzing Consumer Spending Behavior Using Graph Databases. International conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies. pp. 37-44.

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In order to ensure their financial stability, both
families and individuals have to effectively manage their
incomes and spending on a daily basis. Since these are based on various types of financial transactions, understanding spending behavior can significantly help people in making better decisions. However, this cannot be achieved by simply analyzing raw data. In this paper, we propose a methodology for analyzing financial transactions using graph databases, based on the analysis of the relationships found among the counterparts while carrying out financial transactions. Starting out from a corresponding E-R diagram depicting financial transactions, we first infer an equivalent graph database model. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of such an approach, we then implement a test graph database in Neo4j, and by using Cypher query language (CQL), we make noteworthy insights about people’s behavior in terms of how they perceive their finances through the process of money spending.

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Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2019 13:08
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