Mathematical Modeling and Optimisation in Nutrition

Antoska-Knights, Vesna (2015) Mathematical Modeling and Optimisation in Nutrition. In: Journal of Nutritional Disorders and Therapy.

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Over the years, research in the life sciences has been fit greatly from the quantitative tools
of mathematics and modeling. Many aspects of complex biological systems can be more
deeply understood when mathematical techniques are incorporated into a scientific investigation.
Modeling can be fruitfully applied in many types of food and nutrition research. As an example,
modelling and optimization in nutrition is very important in planning meals for groups and
individuals. Data base of nutritional composition of foods with mathematical and numerical
methods covers the central concepts of practical optimization techniques such as fundamentals
of linear optimization and simplex method, viewing software for optimization, programming and
analysis, basics of fuzzy optimization.
Using the field of nutrition, you can find many cases of recent advances in knowledge and understanding that were
facilitated by the application of mathematical modeling to kinetic data, model of quality and needed food products which has
influence of changing habits in food and diet.

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