Action Research as Teaching Strategy for Individualization of Learning

Iliev, Dean and Andonovska-Trajkovska, Daniela and Faris, Farizi (2018) Action Research as Teaching Strategy for Individualization of Learning. In: Proceedings: 13 International Balkan Education and Science Congress, BES 2018. Trakya University Faculty of Education Edirne, Edirne, Turkey, pp. 470-474. ISBN 978-975-374-228-3

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The paper presents different ways of individualization of pupils’ learning by using different models of action research. The first part is consisted of theory regarding relationship among action research models, individualization of learning and teaching strategies. The Method is a place for determination of the methodological aspects of the research. The research question is: Are there any benefits from using action research during teaching for pupils’ learning? The used methodology is: descriptive, quantitative, based on questioning as a research technique. The general hypothesis is: By using different models of action research as a teaching strategy, the individualization of pupils’ learning can be improved. 20 Primary school teachers and their classes are selected as sample of the conducted research. The data was collected by using questionnaires, interview and participatory observation of pupils and classrooms as research techniques. The discussion about the results is based on statistical-quantitative techniques: average, means, standard deviation and ranking. The results prove that the general hypothesis is confirmed. Hense, we concluded that the teachers who understand and use action research in their teaching practice employ more types of individualized pupils’ learning. Therefore, action research can be used by teachers as a teaching strategy for innovation and improvement of pupils’ learning.

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