Successful in-class communication and students’ achievement in the learning process

Pejchinovska, Milena and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove and Janusheva, Violeta (2018) Successful in-class communication and students’ achievement in the learning process. In: 4th International Conference “Education Across Borders” Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Perspectives, 19-20 October, Florina. (Submitted)

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Students’ achievement in the learning process is largely conditioned by the type of the established interaction-communication relationships between students and the teacher in the teaching process. In practice, research results in this issue show that the basic preamble to achieve success in the teaching-and-learning process encompasses the relationships built between the teacher and the students, the relationships among the students, and the social-emotional climate in the class. In line with the said, one of the many tasks set before the teachers is to develop a good communication with the students as its quality immensely determines students’ performance and progress in the learning process. In addition, this issue appears even more subtle when taking into consideration the fact that communication with students is of highly complex dimension within which the teacher does not only communicate knowledge, instruct, teach, build characters, navigate and motivate, but also solves the relationships in class affected by students’ problems of social, emotional or other nature, whose resolution and improvement requires communicative skills. Therefore, the objective of this research is to indicate that successful interaction-communication relationships are the basis for understanding students’ needs, interests and relationships, which leads to easier implementation of the most corresponding activities designed for enhancing students’ performance in the learning process. The research in this issue is empirical and of descriptive type. The qualitative methods applied in the research are: non-structured interview and survey questionnaire on the teachers’ opinions about the social-emotional class climate.
Keywords: successful communication, learning process, students’ achievements

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