Strategic planning and aligning with the modern trend in education

Kuka, Miroslav and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove and Pejchinovska, Milena (2018) Strategic planning and aligning with the modern trend in education. Journal Plus Education, 20 (2). pp. 163-170. ISSN 1842-077X, E-ISSN (online) 2068 – 1151

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Education in the future means reconstruction of its system. It means conducting reforms of the system as a whole, as well as the development of the idea of permanent education, coordinated with social needs and changes. The reform is not seen as a limited work but with a mission to create institutional frame for its constant improvements and perfecting. In European integration process educational system needs to be in coordination with criteria and recommendations of European Union, paying attention to indicators of this system, which is defined by EU standards. The model describes five strategic planning processes of strategic management: pre-planning, strategic planning, finalization, implementation, measurement and evaluation. This model can also be used for strategic planning and high school planning. An important feature of planning in this case should be its market orientation. Planning involves the preparation of decisions about what to do in the future, in fact, this means "making tomorrow's decisions today". Control is the process that ensures that the actions are carried out in accordance with the plan. Keywords: strategic planning; market orientation; control

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