Dimovski, Zlate and Ilijevski, Ice and Babanoski, Kire (2019) SECURITY CHALLENGES OF ILLEGAL MIGRATION IN NORTH MACEDONIA: OVERVIEW OF THE SMUGGLING OF MIGRANTS. Faculty of Security - Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia.

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Migrations and the movements that are provided by this phenomenon can be an important factor in the field of general safety because the phenomenon of migration can cause some emergent and structural changes in the criminal activities of a certain area in a certain period of time. A phenomenon that is closely related to illegal migrations, which is realized for the purpose of acquiring unlawful profits by a third persons is smuggling of migrants. The methods of migrant smuggling are very dependable on the territory where the activities are taking place. From the other side of the law, criminal intelligence and special investigative measures are an important tool that helps the proactive investigation.
The main scope of the paper is the security dimension and the consequences arising from migratory movements, particularly the phenomenon of illegal migration and the smuggling of migrants. Moreover, in the paper it will be reviewed their current trends through analysis of statistical data on smuggling of migrants in Macedonia. Also, it will be elaborated current trends in the ways of proceeding the process of „smuggling“ in terms of motives and reasons for migrants to leave their home country. The purpose of the paper is to actualize the problems with this criminal activity and to emphasize the consequences which are deriving from it in order to find a strategy and tactics to deal with such a negative phenomenon.
Key words: illegal migration, smuggling of migrants, organized crime groups, refugee, crises

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