Babanoski, Kire and Ilijevski, Ice and Dimovski, Zlate (2019) COUNTERING VIOLENT EXTREMISM THAT LEAD TO TERRORISM: SITUATION, POLICIES AND CONCEPTS. Journal of European and Balkan Perspectives, 2 (1). pp. 17-27. ISSN 2545-4854

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In today’s world it is evident increase of asymmetric risks and threats, such as extremism, radicalism, terrorism, propaganda, fake news etc., so countries and international security organizations have to be dedicated on searching for new methods and tools to counter these types of negative phenomena. But, even today, there is no single generally accepted definition of terrorism and extremism, which includes different factors, especially political, religious, national, cultural factor etc. Extremism can be regarded as a type of radical negation and opposition of the prevailing social norms, values and rules of the country by individuals or groups. In most cases, it assumes the use of propaganda and illegal means, including terror, to meet certain goals, such as recruiting more supporters. The main subject of this paper is the extremism, in its forms, that can lead to terrorism, especially, in the Balkan region. That’s why it is given the analysis of ideas, concepts, methods, measures and activities in order to fight against it, suppress its mitigating factors and prevent further violent activities, such as terrorist acts. Authors recommend the use of soft power in countering extremism and terrorism to be a field of study in the near future, because it has not yet been enough researched. It should be cleared what types of soft power measures and activities need to be employed in the societies in order to prevent development of extremist’s attitudes and values.
Key words: extremism, terrorism, factors, violence, values

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