Babanoski, Kire and Ilijevski, Ice and Dimovski, Zlate (2018) TERRORIST ATTACKS ON TOURIST PLACES. International Journal, 22 (3). pp. 749-755. ISSN 2545-4439

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The main object of this paper refers to the endangering of tourism, tourist places and tourists by the violent activities performed by the terrorists. Such dangerous conditions, in the paper, are expressed through the analysis of some of the known terrorist attacks which were committed against tourists in last years. For that purpose, scientific thoughts, theories, experts opinions and views on the importance and need for security in tourism, together with the causes, factors and the most severe forms of threats, will be analyzed in this paper. Special emphasis will be given on explanations why the tourists and the tourist places are selected very often as the target by the terrorists. Terrorism has severe consequences on a tourist destination. Depending on the type of attack and the destinations response, the effects will be either relatively short term or last for years. Murdering innocent visitors on holiday, the softest of targets, which causes fear, worry and insecurity, is certainly an aggressive and brutally effective strategy. It guarantees huge media coverage in the home countries of the victims, destination where the attack took place and the whole region as well. The media appear to play a huge role in amplifying the negativity brought about by an attack - producing more fear and further reducing tourism rates by damaging a destinations image of safety. In essence, this means that the media are therefore helping terrorists achieve their goals.
Terrorism at tourist places undermines the positive dynamic of tourism - generally a well-being which helps people of different countries and cultures understand each other better. It causes maximum economic, social and political damage as tourists, intimidated by the threat, caused by the terrorist attack, stay away. Terrorists know this very well, so that’s why they seem increasingly focused on exploiting it. But history tells us that while they can certainly cause immense outrage and terrible individual suffering, they won’t defeat people’s desire to go out, to travel and see the world.
Finally, the authors will make an overview of the preventive and repressive measures to identify and detect planning of terrorist attacks of the tourist places and also the investigations that are conducted by the law enforcement agencies for finding the perpetrators of these violent acts. The paper should try to describe the influence and effects of the terrorists’ attacks on the safety, tourism industry, decision making processes, country and the whole society and to propose wide measures and recommendations to the state security bodies and officials which should help in the successful fight and suppression of these kinds of negative phenomena.
Keywords: terrorism, tourism, analysis, terrorist attacks, tourist places

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