Dimovski, Zlate and Ilijevski, Ice and Babanoski, Kire (2017) CRIME SCENE ANALYSIS IN THE FUNCTION OF THE CRIMINAL PROFILING. International Yearbook in honour of Anton Rop, 2. pp. 24-30. ISSN 1857-6508

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There are a lot of aspects of the crime and the crime scene that can tell criminal investigators about the person who committed the crime. Criminal investigators should identify the offender by use of following aspects: the nature of the crime, characteristics of the crime scene (traces and evidences collected from the crime scene, the time when the crime was committed, the location of the crime scene), and the type and characteristics of victims being targeted. They have to determine the sex, age, profession, place of living, motives and other facts about perpetrator and his mind (is he organized, disorganized, or mixed), which are relevant for its discovering and catching. This kind of process or activity of developing and making profile of an offender is called criminal profiling from crime scene analysis. Criminal profiling is an investigative method used to assist law enforcement and government security agencies pursuing unknown perpetrators. Criminal profilers typically should have experience and education in criminalistics, criminology, forensic and/or investigative psychology, giving them the skills needed to recognize the personality traits, aspects and characteristics of criminals based on the state of the crime scene and the crime scene evidence. The primary aim of it is to reveal the behavioural signature of an unknown offender. There are different types of profiling which are separated based on their origins, connections to the sciences and specifics, such as: crime scene profiling, criminal (offender) profiling, psychological profiling, and geographic profiling. The paper will emphasize crime scene analysis In the function of the criminal profiling.
Key words: profile, profiling, crime, criminal, crime scene

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