Babanoski, Kire and Ilijevski, Ice and Dimovski, Zlate (2017) SUICIDE TERRORISM AND WOMEN. MIT University, Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia.

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The main field of interest in the paper is security features of suicide terrorism as a modern method of carrying out terrorist acts. The paper has been analyzed its phenomenological characteristics, reasons and factors for its existence, motives, purposes and strategic logic of suicide bombers, and there has been an attempt to develop a profile of the perpetrators. Special overview is given to the role and tasks of women while conducting the suicide terrorist attacks. The involvement of women to these activities opens a number of questions about the motivation and purpose, and the consequences on the development of terrorism and measures within the anti-terror and counter-terror actions. In the last part of the paper it is shown the treatment of suicide terrorism within the modern security strategies of the countries today. Accordingly, every country treats terrorism as a security threat with a top priority and it is included within its security policies. The fight against suicide terrorism requires the construction of measures and actions for prevention, early detection and mitigation of its consequences and implementation of efficient and effective anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism actions.
Keywords: suicide terrorism, suicide bomber, women, motivation, act of terrorism, anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism

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