Babanoski, Kire and Ilijevski, Ice and Dimovski, Zlate (2016) SECURITY ANALYSIS OF CASH IN TRANSIT ATTACKS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Institute for security, defense and peace, Faculty for philosophy, University “St. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia.

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The main subject of this paper is to present scientific analysis, description and explanation of the attacks on cash in transit vehicles that should contribute to the recognition of deficiencies, gaps and weaknesses of security process, stuff and protection measures at work, undertaken by authorities. For this purpose, it is important to be reviewed the legal framework for the cash in transit safety in the country, the entities that carry out the cash in transit, planning and manner of securing, as well as the risky and dangerous conditions facing this process. Thus it needs to create a surface for improving and creating more efficient and effective ways of planning and realization of the transfer of cash and other valuable items.
Cash in transit is the term used to describe currency in the process of being transported from one location to another. There is a whole range of risks, threats, dangers and vulnerabilities in the process of cash in transit. As the value of the items is greater, the transport of these items is a tempting target for an attack by criminal armed groups. This confirms the conclusion that money is particularly sensitive when they are transported. During the transit, there are numerous vulnerabilities, which is necessary to identify, control and monitor.
Violent attacks on the cash in transit lately in the Republic of Macedonia were frequent occurrences, and from their consequences suffered more entities: directly involved subjects (Ministry of interior and the security agencies, including their workers), companies (banks, post offices, exchange offices, etc.) and insurance companies, which have to compensate the damage.
In the paper will be presented results from the researched criminal law, criminological, victimological and criminal-operational aspects of the attacks on cash in transit vehicles in the Republic of Macedonia in the period 2005-2010. Features that are analysed for each attack individually are: date, day, time, place, number of perpetrators and accomplices, identified perpetrators, used firearm, damage (in million €), insurance of funds, the owner of the funds, transporters and victims (injured, killed). These results are heuristic, because they are derived from the first research, related to the security and operational aspects of cash in transit and the robberies which are carried out on them.
Keywords: cash in transit, attacks, security, analysis, Republic of Macedonia

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