Dimovski, Zlate and Ilijevski, Ice and Babanoski, Kire (2015) DEVELOPMENT OF CRIMINALISTICS AS SCIENCE IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. International yearbook of the Faculty of security – Skopje (2). pp. 87-92. ISSN 1857-6508

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The growth of the volume and patterns of crime and its increasingly complex methods of professional and organized commissioning of the crime, as well as covering up their traces constantly made problems to the criminal law enforcement agencies across countries in the world. Society on the other hand is constantly making demands for successful detection of crime and its perpetrators and prevents the commission of future crimes. This imposed the need for a scientific, organized and systematic approach to the discovery, evidence and fight against crime and its perpetrators, and at the end of XIX century a new science appeared for this purpose, called criminalistics. Criminalistics is relatively young theoretical-empirical science which began to be developed by professor Hans Gross in Austria and Switzerland, where the first scientific institutes were established, departments and laboratories, in order to set the fight against crime on a broad scientific basis. In the former Yugoslavia, criminalistics was introduced by professor Vladimir Vodinelic, and the educational process was introduced in 1977, when the Center for training professionals was established in the field of security in Skopje, Macedonia, as the first specialized higher education institution for training personnel in this field in the Balkan. Furthermore, criminalistics, through scientific papers and books on various aspects, has been evolving quite rapidly across the states in former Yugoslavia, and has been extending through the other Balkan countries. In this paper, the ways of involvement of criminalistics are presented in educational processes for producing human resources for combating crime in the Republic of Macedonia and it will be given an overview of the development of the scientific thought and function in the fight against crime in the Republic of Macedonia.
Keywords: criminalistics, education, science, university, faculty, Republic of Macedonia

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