Ilijevski, Ice and Dimovski, Zlate and Babanoski, Kire (2015) THE USE OF POLICE SERVICE DOG IN CRIME INVESTIGATION. International yearbook of the Faculty of security – Skopje, 1. pp. 73-79. ISSN 1857-6508

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The police dogs belong to the group of service dogs, which means that they are specially trained dogs used by the police for various purposes. The features of the police dogs such as speed, strength, efficiency, endurance, courage, devotion, and especially the development of the sense of smell make them significant auxiliary criminalist means in the fight against crime. The use of police dogs combined with more operational and tactical measures and actions contribute to finding the suspects, missing persons and objects, detection of drugs, explosives and other illegal substances, protection of buildings, people, etc. The police officer and police service dog are connected by mutual cooperation for ages in the fight against crime and in doing so it is important to note that police organizations around the world do not disregard the role of the dog as a partner in the execution of various police tasks. In this paper a special attention is paid to the types of police dogs and their use for police purposes. This will indicate that despite the rapid technological development, the use of police service dogs is still an irreplaceable part of police work.
Keywords: police service dog, criminal means, police officer, police

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