Stanojoska, Angelina and Jurtoska, Julija (2019) FEMINIST PATHWAYS PERSPECTIVE: A CASE STUDY. Faculty of Law - Kicevo, “St. Kliment Ohridski” University - Bitola Center for Scientific Research at the Faculty of Law - Kicevo, Bitola, Macedonia. ISBN 978-608-4670-04-9

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The feminist pathways perspective is very similar to the life course theories and developmental criminology perspectives. It analyzes the different life experiences and developmental trajectories, through their influence to future criminal behavior. Using gender as focal point, this perspective through its many researches has concluded that life trajectories among females are connected to abuse, poverty and drug and alcohol abuse.

In this paper through the use of feminist pathways perspective we will analyze the life trajectory of a female inmate who has committed a murder. Which life events were crucial in acting criminally? Was there any possibility in avoiding criminal behavior? How can society help women with difficult life trajectories?

Key words: case study, developmental criminology, female, feminist pathways, life trajectory.

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