Stanojoska, Angelina (2011) THE CONNECTION BETWEEN TERRORISM AND ORGANIZED CRIME: NARCOTERRORISM AND OTHER HYBRIDS. Висока школа за внатрешни работи, Република Српска, БиХ Фондација „Ханс Зајдел“. ISBN 978-99938-43-31-3

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Globalization, which has had its expansion after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening of borders after the fall of the ruler of Eastern Europe - Soviet Union brought the development of many spheres of social life. The development of positive values of society meant development of negative too. Until then almost clear boundary between terrorist organizations and organized criminal groups, slowly but surely melt. The need for finance of their goals, terrorist organizations continued to find through involvement in other crime businesses. The result was birth of many hybrids. Because of its first place on the scale of financial gain, the drug trade since 1970s has been used as a source of financial resources for major terrorist organizations, primarily in South America. Its result was the narcoterrorism which covers only the early political aspirations of the drug cartels in Latin America, but later has expanded to such activities in other parts of the world. However, mixing does not finish here. Many other forms of organized crime have become the subject of interest to terrorist organizations. We mustn’t forget the possibility of opposed interests - the use of terrorist acts from organized criminal groups (the Sicilian Mafia’s actions in the 1990s in Italy). This paper aims to point the close connection between terrorism and organized crime, the nearly invisible border between them, the financing of terrorist organizations through the forms of organized crime, their hybrids, with particular reference to narcoterrorism.
Key words: hybrids, narcoterrorism, organized crime, terrorism

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