Stanojoska, Angelina and Petrevski, Blagojce and Nikolova, Kristina (2012) HOW A CYBERCRIMINAL DOES LOOK LIKE? BUILDING A PROFILE OF MODERN CRIMINALS? Висока школа за внатрешни работи, Република Српска, БиХ Фондација „Ханс Зајдел“. ISBN 978-99938-43-36-8

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Cybercrime, by definition, is strongly connected with computers and networks. But machines, how much important they can be for this crime, are totally amoral and do whatever we tell them to do. Cybercrime has always been in step with new technology, better said it was born with it. Without any regrets we can call it the newest type of crime, the crime that showed us how dark human soul can be, because people started using its tools for better life to destroy some parts of it.
As a mirror on moral character, the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” has become accepted in popular culture to describe a person’s hidden dark side. It pierced the veil between the fundamental dichotomy of the 19th century’s notion of outward respectability versus a hidden and fulminating inward lust, depicting moral and social hypocrisy, while providing yet another instance of a fulminating criminal mind. On the surface, Dr. Jekyll is portrayed as an honorable physician with many friends and acquaintances; he nurtures his patients and his reputation by virtue of an engaging personality. Transitioning to Mr. Hyde, Jekyll disappears and is replaced by a person who is small in stature, mysterious, criminal, secretive, sexual, and violent.
Criminal profiling is the art and science of developing a description of a criminal’s characteristics based on information collected at the scene of the crime. The profile is a psychological assessment made without knowing the identity of the criminal. The profile consists of a set of defined characteristics that are likely to be shared by criminals who commit a particular type of crime. The profile is used to narrow the field of suspects or evaluate the likelihood that a particular suspect committed the crime.
The paper will try through its words to show how a criminal profile is built and how a typical cybercriminal looks like. Also it will pay attention to some stereotypes that totally change the profile and photo of a cybercriminal among ordinary people.
Key words: analysis, characteristics, cybercriminal, information, profiling, and profile

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