Мeasuring the quantity of anthocyanidins in frozen fruits

Saveski, A. and Pavlova, Valentina and Kalevska, Tatjana and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Srbinoska, M. (2015) Мeasuring the quantity of anthocyanidins in frozen fruits. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design. pp. 39-43. ISSN 1857-8489

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Fruits are recommended in the everyday diet, the recommendation coming from the content of the fruits:
antioxidants, minerals, water, dietary fibers. The first
line behind the antioxidant status are anthocyanidins
and vitamins with proven positive effects for the human well-being. Each fruit has its own fresh- available
period, so it needs to be additionally treated in order
to stay fresh during the whole year. Freezing is one of
the options to be used for a longer period and to keep
preserve all its healthy nutrients, which is not the case
when it is thermally treated. Quick frozen fruits are
identical for their nutritional content as the fresh ones.
We analyzed the following fruits during our research:
raspberries, strawberries and sour cherries which are
naturally high in flavonoids and anthocyanidins with
very effective antioxidant and anticancer properties
and protect the human body from cardiovascular, degenerative illnesses and cancers. In our research, the
measuring in the frozen fruits is made with a spectrophotometric method - pH differential method.
It was established that the highest amounts of anthocyanidins are registered in the raspberries 94.45
mg/100 g, in the sour cherries 65.89/100 g and in the
strawberries 35.67 mg/100g. The total acidity and pH
level of the fruits are determined with this research.
The biggest total acidity have the raspberries 16.73
g/100g with the determined the lowest pH level (3.90).
The freezing on low temperatures not just allows to
prolong the period for consuming of the fruits, it also
allows to preserve its nutritional quality, which can be
seen from the results we got in our research.
Key words: Antioxidants, Healthy nutrients, Spectrophotometer, Total anthocyanidins, Frozen fruits, Raspberries,
Strawberries, Sour cherries.

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