Usage of probiotics in diet

Taleska, B. and Trifunova, Lj. and Pavlova, Valentina and Menkinoska, Marija (2015) Usage of probiotics in diet. KNOWLEDGE International Journal Scientific and Applicative papers. pp. 167-171. ISSN 1857-92

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Abstract: In recent years probiotics are becoming more popular as people look for natural ways to maintain or
improve their health. The business of, good bacteria ' is growing, and the word probiotic appears on many labels
of dietary supplements, yogurt and granola bars. Probiotics are live organisms in food and they have a positive
effect, because they create a balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines. There are different types of
probiotics that have different biological properties and different effects on the human body.
In this research paper we will explore the microbiological characteristics of probiotics, describe how probiotics
work in human ecosystems, and outline the impact of probiotics on human health and disease. They are
considered to be completely safe, but it has been proved that some categories of people such as the elderly may
have a negative effect. Education regarding this product is inevitable because of the impact of marketing as a
product for everyone. The purpose of this research is to introduce people to the essential meaning of the term
probiotic and safety of its use in relation to young children, the elderly and persons with disorders of the
immune system. Using a questionnaire we found out how much the population is familiar with the term
probiotic and with the purpose of usage. It is assumed that more and more frequent advertising of supplements
leads to their inappropriate use.
Key words: use, probiotics, microorganisms

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