Determination of nutritional status with Darkfield microscopy live blood analysis

Ilievska, N. and Pavlova, Valentina (2014) Determination of nutritional status with Darkfield microscopy live blood analysis. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design. pp. 85-89. ISSN 1857-8489

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Determination of nutritional status of one person from
only one drop live blood for short period of time is
method of live blood analysis. Life blood analysis uses a
drop of native blood from the person’s finger and then
viewed under a compound microscope using Darfield
condenser. Under a Darkfield microscope, the blood is
stained with light frequencies rather than chemicals, so
the blood remains alive and active, allowing the viewer
to see live red blood cells, white blood cells moving,
also platelets, crystal formations in plasma, blood proteins (fibrinogen strands), bacterial forms, fungal forms
and other toxins.
This paper presents results from analysis method with
Darkfield microscopy of native blood of two persons. One
with Diabetes Mellitus type2 (Case 1), with insulin therapy
and the second person is a Sportswoman (Case 2), who is
casein intolerant, and have fatigue symptoms.
The results for investigated cases are following: In
case 1 was found: erythrocytes aggregation, fibrinogen strands in plasma, plasma colloids and symplasts
with toxins from the environment, food or undigested
food particles, cholesterol crystal formations, poor digestion. In case 2 were found: erythrocytes in rouleaux
with rare acanthocytes, dehydration and oxidative
stress. We also found decreased number of neutrophils
that are hyper segmented, eosinophils appeared very
bright and shiny. And there were also pseudo crystals
from undigested proteins.
This visual method allows the nutritionist and the client to see the blood in its living form. Seeing their own
blood live is a confirmation and a realization that the
choices they make in everyday diet impact in maintaining their homeostasis. Live blood microscopy is a
powerful tool for nutritionists to recommend adequate
food intake and diet protocol for every individual.
Key words: Live blood, Microscopy, Darkfield, Nutrition,
Evaluation, Deficiencies, Food, Diet.

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