Tosheva, Elizabeta and Panovski, A (2013) CREATING SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IN THE ERA OF CONTINUOUSLY CHANGING ENVIRONMENTS. BAS Institute of Management - Bitola, Bitola, Macedonia. ISBN 978-608-4729-01-3

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In the 21st century environment, companies must remain competitive in the complex and challenging context that is been transformed under the influence of many factors, from globalization, technological progress and increasingly rapid diffusion of a new technology, to the development and use of knowledge. This new environment requires from companies to act differently in order to survive and prosper. Specifically, they need to seek new sources of competitive advantage and to enter into new forms of competition. That in turn requires a clear understanding of competitiveness and competitive dynamics, approaches to competitive advantage and the role of human resources in creating sustainable competitive advantage.
Studies on the contribution of human resources (people) to organizational competitiveness placed a number of questions: What is the effect of human resource management practices in firm’s human resources development? Which human resources management practices lead to sustainable organizational competitiveness? In what extent they depend on the firm's strategy? How the company ensures that its human resources management practices are aligned with the strategy? How the company ensures that the individual human resources management practices are aligned one with another? Do the attributes of the human resources base of the firm always have to be linked a priori with the strategy or whether its stock of skills, knowledge and interactions should be leading the strategic direction of the firm?
What is common to these questions is focusing on the relationship between HR practices, the mass of human capital and the continuous renewal of the organizational and strategic human resources for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Keywords: sustainable competitive advantage, strategic HRM, continiuously changing environments, HR flexibility

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