Tosheva, Elizabeta and Tilovska-Kechedji, Elena (2016) INTERLINKING EDUCATION, INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Faculty of Education - Bitola, Bitola, Macedonia. ISBN 978-9989-100-50-5

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Generating a critical mass of entrepreneurs oriented to high levels of growth depends on the quality of education provided and the presence of an environment that encourages innovation. Three interconnected areas provide possibilities for mutually beneficial synergies through the flow of ideas and wealth, which could generate high level of dynamism. These are: Education (especially, quality vocational training and skill development), Innovation (generating commercial value through new and improved ideas) and Entrepreneurship. Together, these are the cornerstones of inclusive and sustainable growth.
Education is indispensable for skill development and fundamental to entrepreneurship and innovation. The ability to innovate and generate commercially valuable new products and processes can only take place in environments that encourage experimentation and value addition. Innovation catalyzes entrepreneurship by providing ideas that can be converted into wealth (through goods and services). Innovation helps reveal market opportunities for entrepreneurship to develop and flourish. An entrepreneurial culture drives creation of wealth from knowledge and generates impetus for further innovation. Entrepreneurship, in turn, helps generate new jobs in the economy, and creates a culture of independence, risk-taking and confidence, more so amongst the emerging educated groups. A dynamic entrepreneurial environment is supported by a vibrant academic culture with innovation linking the two as a generator of new ideas and opportunities.

Key words: entrepreneurship, education, innovation, entrepreneurial environment, economic growth

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