Stanojoska, Angelina (2015) WOMEN AND ORGANIZED CRIME: MYTH OR REALITY (CURRENT SITUATION). Criminal - Police Academy - Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-7020-323-5

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Women’s position in society, their subordination in terms of the stronger sex, their role in the game of patriarchal domination of men, exclusion from social life has led to their exclusion from every sphere of it. For many years, women almost did not have an opportunity to break the law and if they, in some circumstances, did that through night, they were declared as mentally ill. The changes of society and the new values as democracy have led to recognition of equality and to recognition of importance of women in society and life. Thus, their inclusion in everyday life has grown into, relatively speaking, their involvement in crime statistics. Day by day, their number increases, as it is in step with their emancipation and with their new place in social life that many years before was unfairly taken from them. This paper aims to demonstrate that modernity and development of society, women’s nature, their social role, have led to the demolition of the myth of women-criminals, but also that the appearance of the modern forms of crime are not immune to the female presence. Also, through its words, readers should understand the role of female offenders into the dominantly male criminal organizations and organized groups, and through the use of statistics to see the upward trend of female presence when organized crime is subject of concern.
Key words: criminal organization, offender, organized crime, role, society, women.

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