Tilovska-Kechedji, Elena (2018) ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN RELATIONS: WAGING FOR PEACE OR LOST DESPERATELY. IJASOS- International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences, 4 (10). pp. 120-129. ISSN 2411-183X

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Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Israeli-Palestinian unsettled issue began to escalate into a
conflict. The small piece of land couth the eye of political interests and became a very big problem not only
for the surrounding neighbors but for the whole Middle East and the world. Jewish population claims that the
land is theirs and they have the right to be there due to historical and biblical argumentation. Palestinians
consisted the majority of the population on this territory and resided on this lands since they can remember.
In the 19th century the Palestine region was part of Ottoman rule and in that period this territory did not
represent an important political unit. After World War I Britain entered the region and it decreed over the area
that now comprises Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. Britain’s presence brought many instabilities due to
its own political interests. Later on, as a result of the atrocities afflicted upon Jews in Europe, Jews moved
from Europe and settled in Israel and also due to the Zionism which is a political movement. As the political
interest over the region escalated the visible solution for the problem was weakened. The Oslo Peace
Accord for the first time gave the sparkle of hope to both sides. Even though the Accord was not successful it
still presented an idea for peace and a chance for a solution of the conflict. The situation up till today does
not give even the slightest hope for resolution. The conflict still flames with many deaths on both sides. The
influence of the European Union, United Nations and mostly from the United States is visible but without
inflicting drastic changes towards a solution. The newest decision of President Trump to recognize
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel triggered, even more, an escalation of the fire, and brought more anger
and despair in the Middle East. The conflict is clearly a political one and the question is whether there is an
objective solution possible. The possible scenarios of a two state and one state will most probably never
occur because the solution lies in the hands of both parties settling on a joint and mutual understanding of
the problem and settling on common grounds.
Keywords: Israel – Palestine conflict, Oslo Accords, negotiations, proposals for solutions

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