Migrants and terrorism: A link or misconception

Tilovska-Kechedji, Elena (2018) Migrants and terrorism: A link or misconception. Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 3 (2). pp. 59-67. ISSN 2579-8480

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There are more than 232 million migrants around the world, are they all or some a threat to the world? Can migration lead to terrorism,
how are the two connected? These are the questions that will be analyzed, discussed and answered. Terrorism is a global political and
security issue. Today many of the migrants who migrate are from countries with a history of civil wars, unstable countries, countries with
authoritarian regimes or developing countries that are prone to terrorist activities and groups that spread radicalization and ideologies that
lead to terrorism. But this does not mean that all the migrants are terrorists, although the link between migration and terrorism thus exists and
it will be analyzed in this paper. Furthermore, in order to prevent this terrorist ideologies from spreading around the world the Governments,
the EU, the USA, and the international organizations should cooperate in order to introduce more strict security policies against the terrorists
or counter-terrorism policies, stricter migration laws and legislation that will prevent first of all the spreading of these ideologies and also
prevent the terrorist attacks, but not securitizing immigration. The purpose of study in this paper is that immigration today has been viwed as
a threat to the world, "every immigrant is a terrorist" but the facts presented and analyzed in the paper give another conclusion, most terrorists
have the citizen status in the country where the terrorist attacks took place. There will always be a link between the immigrants and terrorists
but that is another study to be discussed further on.
Keywords: Terrorism, Migration, Securitization of Migration.

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