Andonovska-Trajkovska, Daniela (2014) USING MODEL POEMS IN ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM: BENEFITS AND OBSTACLES. In: Proceedings: 9th International Balkans Education and Science Congress. Trakya University - Edirne, Edirne, Turkey, pp. 691-696.

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Model poems are structure or skeleton of a poem that could be written. Model poems give the students direction and inspiration
for creative writing, because they contain elements that determine the versification features and some of the stylistic features of
the poem. They can be derived out of a famous poem that the students have read or structured by the teacher him/herself. Using
model poems in elementary classroom is an instructional approach for motivating poetry writing at the early students’ age. This
paper aims to present the teachers’ and the students’ at the Faculty of education-Bitola perspective of using model-poems in the
elementary classroom. Are model poems easy to use? Are they making the poetry writing process easier or more difficult? What
is the best part of the lesson to use model poems: the beginning, the middle or the end? Can model poems be used for other
school subjects besides the Language Arts class? These and more research questions are addressed after conducting
experimental research where the model poems are experiment factor. 15 teachers and 44 students at the Faculty of education-
Bitola participated in the research as subjects that implemented model poems as instructional strategy for motivating poetry
writing with students in the elementary school (8-11 years old) for a period of 3 months and t wo times a week. They
had enough time to feel the benefits and obstacles when using model poems in their classrooms and also to observe the
students’ reaction to the new instructional strategy. The teachers and the students at the Faculty of education-Bitola were
interviewed consequently once a week during the process of research and finally at the end of the research in order to gather
their particular experiences regarding the use of model poems in the elementary classroom.

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