The Impact of the Students’ Age on the Literary Text Analysis Approach: Teaching Methods and Approaches in Primary Education

Andonovska-Trajkovska, Daniela (2017) The Impact of the Students’ Age on the Literary Text Analysis Approach: Teaching Methods and Approaches in Primary Education. Иновације у настави/ Teaching Innovations, 30 (3). pp. 57-66. ISSN ISSN 2335-0806 (Online) ISSN 0352-2334 (Printed)

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Literary text analysis is part of the Language Arts and The Language and Literature
Curriculum in the primary education. Teachers are expected to practice different types of teaching
methods depending on the age of the students, such as: demonstration, whole class work, reading
and working on a text, discussion, conversation, students’ oral presentations and creative writing.
Students can also do literary analysis in groups, pairs, individually and in whole-class work. The aim
of this paper is to answer the question whether teachers employ different teaching methods and approaches
in the process of students’ responses to literary texts and the literary text analysis depending
on their age and if they prefer some of the methods over others relative to students’ age.
We have collected the necessary data for this descriptive research by conducting surveys that
were specifically designed for the purpose of the research with the random sample of primary school
teachers in the Republic of Macedonia (total N=75). Descriptive analysis and ANOVA – single factor
were used as well. The results have shown that the teachers practice different teaching approaches
depending on the students’ age in the process of literary text analysis in class, which is graphically
presented and discussed in the paper. The results did not show any significant differences among the
general teaching methods used in different classes in primary education. The methods and approaches
that teachers use are compared to the ones that are considered to be part of the modern trends according
to the latest research.
The results of the research will help scholars to build a broader picture of the literary analysis
lessons in the primary school in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the teaching methods and approaches
that are employed for the purpose of obtaining the age-appropriate classroom atmosphere. It
will also contribute to the process of teacher reflections about the methods and approaches that they
are using in order to improve the quality of teaching while bearing in mind the contemporary trends
of building interactive classrooms in which the students are responsible for their own learning.

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