Volume 12 – Number 2
August 6, 2017
Volume 12 – Number 4
February 26, 2018

Volume 12 – Number 3

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Mathematical elements about logistic solution during serving of containers
for communal waste – Study of case about Municipality of Bitola

Nikolce D.Talevski, Ivo Dukoski, Zoran Josevski

Influence of turning cutter types on the students’ product quality
Thomas Sukardi

Qualitative chemical and antibacterial analysis of ajurvedic preparations against alopecia
Broza Saric-Kundalic, Ervin Alic, Mario Mazic, Zahida Ademovic, Azra Kudumovic,
Zarka Halilic Zahirovic, Jasmina Lukic

Incorporating intelligent flashcards for fostering EFL learners’ vocabulary knowledge:
The case of Anki Software

Mohsen Zare, Hamed Barjasteh

A statistical study on educational development index for literacy paramaters of India
Rupali D. Patil, Omprakash S. Jadhav

Green supplier selection for the need of fruit production using fuzzy logic
BAleksandar Maksimovic, Nasiha Osmanovic, Adis Puska

The role of headmaster to improve pedagogic competence of teachers
in Vocational high school

Nellitawati Yusof Boon