Janusheva, Violeta and Pejchinovska, Milena and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove (2017) THE EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – DOES IT JUSTIFY ITS EXISTENCE. International Journal of Education - TEACHER, 13. pp. 74-82. ISSN 1857- 8888

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The reform processes in the Republic of Macedonia are in accordance with the modern tendencies and technological changes and they make efforts to draw the Macedonian educational system near to the educational systems of the European states, members of the European Union. Therefore, the external assessment, which is a well-established practice in the educational systems of the developed countries, is considered as an important step, that would improve the education and especially the students’ assessment. From its beginning in 2010 until now, the external assessment in the Republic of Macedonia does not stop to surge the public opinion. Teachers, students, parents, professionals, they all have different opinions and attitudes regarding the need of external assessment, and it seems that the negative ones are dominant. The paper wants to exploit exactly these negative opinions and attitudes of the teachers, students, parents and professionals. In addition, the paper shows the negative influence that external assessment has on them. Bearing this in mind, a research that has quantitative and qualitative paradigm and descriptive design was conducted. The sample consists of 200 participants from the Republic of Macedonia. Survey and a questionnaire were used as a technique and instrument of the research. The methods for processing the data and gaining scientifically based conclusion were analysis, comparison and synthesis. The research shows that all participants, without exception, have negative attitudes towards the external assessment. Among other reasons, the validity and objectivity of the indicators for quality of the students’ achievements are stressed out. This, on the other side, is an undisputable argument that the state should reconsider the existence of this concept.

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