Senior life insurance in the Republic of Macedonia – state and perspectives

Miloshevikj, Bratislav (2014) Senior life insurance in the Republic of Macedonia – state and perspectives. Horizons, International scientific magazine, Bitola, 2014.


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Life insurance market in the country in 2013 is comprised of five insurance companies, four of which deal exclusively with life insurance. The life insurance in the country from 2009 until today achieved steady growth in total premium. Life insurance in the country in the true sense of the word is immune to the global economic and financial crisis. In future an intensive tense must focus on society and especially life insurance companies of the need to update the citizens life insurance. Insurance companies should discover the perception of potential customers that is, the broad range of products, types of insurance that are the most attractive. Within the research technique is applied to the survey. As an instrument for collection of information and data, an integral Questionnaire is used in accordance with identified problems, set goals and objectives. The questionnaire is made of two parts. In the first part of the questionnaire there are standard questions relating to socio-demographic and economic variables. In the second part of the questionnaire formulated questions that relate to the views of consumers of insurance are used. In response to several questions a respondent gives the rankings. According to the principles and rules of statistical analysis, for true results to be achieved of this research, it is necessary to poll a minimum of 250 respondents. In order to increase the representativeness of the samples, while taking into account the cost-effectiveness and costeffectiveness (cost and time) 536 respondents have been interviewed Life insurance is designed as the most reliable form of protection economic the insured or the survivors of serious financial loss that may be caused during the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances: premature death and working ability (loss of working capacity). Life insurance, which provides economic and social security, in accordance with their individual needs and financial strength of the insured or his or her family, are accomplished and function of accumulated capital. In this study we wanted to examine the similarities and differences that affect socio-demographic factors and economic volume of contracts for life insurance. Based on existing knowledge and set of research problems, we explore our basic hypothesis: that the level of demand of life insurance as a result of the age of the population (among other numerous economic, social and organizational determinants). Hence, the goals and objectives of the research of our basic hypothesis is split into more auxiliary hypotheses. Index terms: Life insurance, Insurance companies, Survey, Age groups of respondents.

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