Violence among youth population in the Republic of Macedon

Malish Sazdovska, Marina Violence among youth population in the Republic of Macedon. Conference proceeding:riminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Safety, Security, and Social Control in Local Communities.

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Purpose: This paper shows results from the survey which were made due to the violence among young people in the Republic of Macedonia. In addition to that, this paper offers a better explanation for understanding the violent behaviour of the perpetrators as well as the victims, which is one of the main goals. Another goal is the understanding of the reasons, the effects and the consequences of violence and also the safety of young adults. Methods: We conducted a survey among 100 students of the Faculty of Security – Skopje, with questions regarding violence among peers, and their experience as bullies or victims. Findings: Peer violence is a serious problem in Macedonia. Cases of violence are in the school and outside of it, in the school yards and bus stops. Young people have a sense of insecurity in the environment in which they study and spend their time during the day. They are exposed to certain provocations and threats by their peers. Research limitations: This research is done on a small part of the young population, by free choice. The main limitation in this survey refers to a small group of participants. Originality: The survey results show the occurrence of the types of violence among young people and the transformation of conflicts. This survey refers to four types of violence: physical, cyber, verbal and emotional/psychological. Keywords: violence, perpetrators, victim, delinquency, youth, Macedonia

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