Implementation of the Aarhus convention - A survey

Malish Sazdovska, Marina (2016) Implementation of the Aarhus convention - A survey. Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social SciencesIIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania, 2 (3). ISSN 2410-3918

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Legislation on global and regional level in the fi eld of environmental protection is characterized by the adoption of international conventions and agreements that a$ empt to regulate this ma$ er legally. As an extremely important area, which exceeds the boundaries of nation-state and as a global environmental problem, the issues of environmental protection are a major concern to international organizations. It is directly linked to reducing the jurisdiction of the States and transfer of competences to international organizations and institutions in order to solve the problems in a global experience.In order to overcome the problems regarding the implementation of international documents, the creation of certain policies by international organizations and institutions is required to promote the idea of environmental protection as a basic mo$ o of the global world.Taking into account the recommendations of Brundtland Commission, humanity has a moral obligation to preserve natural resources for future generations.Main objective of this article is the presentation of research on the implementation of the Aarhus Convention and the proposal of measures for the creation of ideas and policies on improving access to information in the fi eld. The research is done with the students from the faculty of Security which accessed the information in environmental ma$ ers. Keywords:Aarhus Convention, implementation, ideas, policies etc.

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Divisions: Faculty of Security
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