Самоевалуација на талентираните и надарени ученици

Ristevska, Marija (2009) Самоевалуација на талентираните и надарени ученици. GIFTED AND TALENTED CREATORS OF PROGRESS, 1.

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Some children show signs of great ability in the very early age. However, because the every person‘s level of ability is not the same and it can develop during the time, the phase in which the person will show maximum ability is different from one person to another. The teacher‘s monitoring and the informal provision have a big role in the process of identification of the big potential among the pupils; especially in their early age. Schools are asked to meet the needs of the talented and gifted pupils. These pupils, who are very able in a specific area, can underachieve in another area which can lead to lower achievements. Therefore, the schools should develop strategies for handling with the underachievements. These strategies should be part of the school policy for gifted and talented pupils. The underachievements can show as a consequence of the dual or multiple exceptionality (DME). The schools in their program should have developed strategies for identifying the pupils with dual or multiple exceptionality as well as strategies for abstracting the gifted and talented pupils from the pupils with dual or multiple exceptionalities. The Institutional Quality Standards are made to support the schools during the cyclic process of selfquestioning and planning for getting better the different aspects of measuring of the gift and the talent, including the process of identification. The Institutional Quality Standards are a tool that connects the self-evaluation and the complete progress of the school.

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