Nikolovski, Zoran (2021) ABOUT SOME LEXICAL GALICISMS IN THE MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE. Зборник на трудови од Тркалезната маса „Делото на Конески – постојан извор на истражувања во науката за јазикот, литературата и културата“. pp. 140-148.

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За неколку лексички галицизми во м.јазик-ЛЕКТОРИРАН.pdf

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The strong influence of the French language and culture over the centuries, leads to the penetration and presence of words derived from the French language (Gallicisms) in many languages of the World. Also in the Macedonian language the use of about 2000 Gallicisms has been noticed. Their presence is due to the strong influence and prestige of the French language and culture in trade, diplomacy and education until the first half of the 20th century. In the speech of the city of Bitola, there is a greater use of lexical Gallicisms in relation to other dialects of the Macedonian language. In addition to the above factors, a very important element for that is the fact that the city of Bitola was a highly urban environment (milieu) that was strongly influenced by the French language and culture in the late 18th and throughout the 19th century. The purpose of this paper is to determine the modern use of several lexical Gallicisms that are typical for this dialect (ангаже, гри, портманто, стило, тимон), as well as several others that are present in the modern Macedonian language (емајл, клошар, портмоне, салон). Based on the results of the research, their use in the modern Macedonian language is confirmed, i.e. in the Bitola city speech. In doing so, some of them acquire a semantic extension or a completely new meaning. Also is confirmed the limited geographical use of the "Bitola lexical Gallicisms" which gradually spread radially from the city of Bitola to neighboring settlements. Their use decreases in direct proportion to the geographical distance from Bitola and they are absent from the other Macedonian dialects.

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