Theory of Labeling: Contemporary Concepts of the Sociological Understanding of Deviance

Jovanoski, Aleksandar and Rustemi, Agron (2021) Theory of Labeling: Contemporary Concepts of the Sociological Understanding of Deviance. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 12 (7). pp. 607-615. ISSN 2229-5518

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Jovanoski, A. and Rustemi, A. 2021. Theory-of-Labeling-Contemporary-Concepts-of-the-Sociological-Understanding-of-Deviance.pdf

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The paper presents an overview of the emergence, establishment and current status with the latest development of labeling theory within sociological paradigms - especially in the area of sociological explanation of the causes of social deviations. In addition to the bioanthropological, psychological, medical, and criminological explanations for the causes of deviant behavior, the theory of labeling is one of several sociological theories besides the theory of anomie, the theory of differential association, the theory of self-esteem, and the theory of self-control. Starting with the early work of the founders of the theory of labeling Howard Baker in the early 1960s, and Erwin Goffman on the impact of stigma on people with disabilities and the construction of their social identity, the text examines the latest achievements to this theory, which considers the causes of deviant behavior solely as a reflection of the social reaction. The theory of labeling belongs to the wider circle of theories for the social construction of deviant behavior. The paper also lists the critiques of the theory of labeling. The re-actualization of the sociological interest in the theory of labeling in recent years is conditioned by the impact that the Internet has on everyday life and thus on our own experience of ourselves and the perception of our experience in the eyes of others. Today in the era of viral and networked society, the perception of others about us greatly influences the decision to start a deviant life.

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