The Impact of COVID-19 on the Stock Markets: Evidence from North Macedonia

Spaseska, Tatjana and Odzaklieska, Dragica and Hristoski, Ilija and Risteska, Aneta and Risteska, Fanka The Impact of COVID-19 on the Stock Markets: Evidence from North Macedonia. Balkan and Near Eastern Journal of Social Sciences. ISSN 2149-9314

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Because of the global pandemic of COVID 19, the stock markets evidence loses, while the stocks are losing their values drastically. Namely, the world stock markets are losing of billions of euros due to the coronavirus pandemic that caused a blow to the economy with restrictions on the movement of citizens and new working conditions for companies. Some of the world economic media write that the fall brought by the pandemic on some stock markets is bigger than the one caused by the economic crisis in 2008. The covid-19 virus epidemic that has hit the global stock markets has also harmed the domestic stock market, most notably in the MBI10 index, which contains the ten most liquid securities of listed companies. This index sank by 22.43% in March 2020 which is significantly decline, having in mind that in the past 5 years MBI10 was characterized with continuous doubledigit annual growths. Oil companies, travels agencies, manufacturers were also exposed to the corona outbreak, their stocks were also in the downfall losing over 10% of their stock value. Nevertheless, in terms of COVID 19, the value of banks’ shares recorded rise. Starting from the a.m., the main objective of this research will be directed towards providing data about

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