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Формирање на географски претстави и поими во наставата по ПиО, природа и општество врз основа на набљудување



Forming images and notions in teaching of N&S, nature and society is the only process in which sensuous and logical cognitions take place, and it has main role in the cognition process in teaching. The process of forming geographic images and notions in this subject has certain specifics because mostly takes place by staying of children in local environment in which they observe objects, appearance and processes. The most important thing for the students is the settling and gaining experience by active operating in the local environment. In forming images the process of operation is appearing like sensuous-experience cognitive activity, so that sensuous perception, especially visual and perception of space is main component in recognition of geographical environment. From other point of view, forming of images is based on logical cognition where in the process of observation a sensuous perception goes to act of theoretical imagination, generic for students from third, especially from fourth grade. In the process of observation, passing from sensuous to logical cognition is continued and in the process of forming geographic images and notions are included various cognitive processes like analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, bringing conclusions and judgments in which the process of observation gains characteristics of exploring procedure on which is based the process of forming scientific geographic images, judgments and conclusion.
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